The Green Bay Packers fell 24-21 to the San Francisco 49ers in a heartbreaking NFL Playoff loss on Saturday night.

While many fans will rightfully point to Packers quarterback Jordan Love getting intercepted on first down with two timeouts left after he attempted a wild throw across the field, the Packers also had a chance to extend their lead to a full 7 points with 3:45 left.

Packers kicker Anders Carlson unfortunately missed the kick, and the 49ers took the lead – instead of tying the game – on Christian McCaffrey's ensuing touchdown run.

After the game, the Packers kicker talked about the miss, according to Ryan Wood of USA Today:

“Anders Carlson says everything in operation was good on his miss. He had the right line. Just missed the kick, contacted wrong spot off his foot: ‘It’s tough to do to these guys. That’s what hurts the worst. They’ve got a bright future ahead of them, but it definitely hurts'”

As far as the Packers quarterback goes, Love believes he took a big step forward in the 2023 season, and he will look to build on that going forward.

“Understanding where to go with the ball, seeing the defense a little bit better, being able to see pressures, and things like that. My overall understanding of what the defense is trying to do to us,” Love said after the 49ers game.

In his first season as the Packers' starter, Love had 4,159 passing yards and 32 touchdowns against 11 interceptions along with a 64.2 percent completion rate.

Unfortunately, the Packers' season is over, but at least they have a bright future to look forward to.