The Green Bay Packers were almost there. They were on the cusp of scoring an upset victory over the San Francisco 49ers, and it's that feeling of coming close that made the team's loss in Santa Clara taste painfully bitter.

With Green Bay's 24-21 loss to the Niners, Packers and NFL fans have come up with all sorts of reactions to the NFC divisional-round game.

“Jordan Love blowing this game to the 49ers means he is now truly a Packers quarterbac,” said Adam Rankof The NFL Network.

“Devastating loss but the Green Bay Packers must use this run and this performance tonight as validation of everything they've built and fuel to get them where they want to go next. Everything is ahead of them,” Zach Kruse posted on X.

Others are expressing their disappointment over the Packers' special teams, which let the team down with a missed field goal down the stretch in the fourth quarter.

“Not sure this one was on JB? Pretty sure it was Special Teams being extra special and MLF making stupid early calls,” said Miranda Marie.

Former Packers quarterback had the following to say about Jordan Love and the Packers: “Jordan played his heart out and made a mistake at the end. Should have never been in that situation in the first place. Too many missed opportunities between players, refs (miserable), kicking, and everything in between. The better team lost today.”

The Packers still had a four-point lead with a little over six minutes remaining in regulation and they would have extended that to seven points if only kicker Anders Carlson made his field-goal attempt. The 49ers scored after that missed FG try by Green Bay to take the lead back. The Packers still had a shot at a game-winning score, but whatever hope they had was immediately squashed when Love got picked off by 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw

Despite the loss to the 49ers, the Packers have so much to feel good about the season they just had. They booked a ticket to the playoffs with a strong run to end the regular season and even defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the wild-card round.