Packers news: Bart Starr sent Brett Favre letters after every game
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Packers legend Bart Starr sent Brett Favre letters after every game

Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr had close relationships with a lot of players that played after him for the Green and Gold and one of those was Brett Favre. With Starr passing away just a couple of days ago players like Favre are sharing their memories of the Hall of Fame quarterback.

Talking with SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday Favre said that after every game he would receive a letter from Starr. Most of the letters were just little words of encouragement, but for Favre, they were a big deal and made him feel really good.

“I think the thing that kind of tells you a lot about what type of guy he is, there wasn’t a game that I didn’t get a letter from him, whether it be complimenting me on how I played or the fact that we won, or ‘keep your chin up, it will get better,’” Favre said via Pro Football Talk. “I mean, you think about the games that I played, that’s a lot of games. To get a personal note from Bart each and every time, I’m not gonna lie, it made me feel pretty special.”

After Starr, there wasn’t another great quarterback for the Packers until Favre, and the two had quite the relationship including a touching moment when Favre’s jersey was retired that was retold by Starr’s wife in 2016.

Starr told Favre that he loved him, and with tears in his eyes, Favre looked at Starr and told him, “I love you too, Bart.”