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The reason trade market for Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is fast asleep

Aaron Rodgers Packers trade

The Aaron Rodgers trade saga continues to wage on, with no seemingly no end on the horizon anytime soon. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and his team are at a standstill, which has left other NFL teams on the outside looking in for any potential deal down the line.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on Get Up that there is currently “no trade market” for the Packers QB, mainly because of the franchise’s reluctance to even entertain the notion of moving Aaron Rodgers.

“I’ve also checked in with multiple teams around the league who are monitoring the Aaron Rodgers trade situation. They said there is no trade market for Aaron Rodgers right now.”

This comes off the heels of Aaron Rodgers’ decision not to opt out of the 2021 NFL season. The reigning MVP had the option to press the eject button on the season as a silver bullet against the Packers. But it’s been noted that Rodgers is far too competitive to throw away his chance to play football this season, be it for Green Bay or another franchise.

Fowler later clarified the comments he made on the Aaron Rodgers trade market, emphasizing that the lack of communication from the Packers is the main reason behind it.

It may be all quiet on the Aaron Rodgers trade front as of now, but if the Packers eventually cave, you better believe the phone lines won’t stop from ringing.