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WATCH: Packers WR Davante Adams shows off impressive quarterback skills

Davante Adams, Packers

Davante Adams is one of the best wide receivers in the NFC. However, the Green Bay Packers wideout revealed a new dimension to his game during the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown.

The NFC team of quarterbacks–which strangely included Adams–managed to win the contest. Alongside him during the post-challenge interview were talented quarterbacks in Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins. While the two quarterbacks were fantastic during the game, it cannot be denied that Adams did more than pull his weight alongside his teammates.

He was asked after the game what were his thoughts during the challenge, and he played up the crowd with his response.

He definitely showed that he has the hands and the accuracy to throw laser-accurate passes. In fact, he felt so good about himself that he even clowned that quarterbacks like him have it rough out there.

However, Kirk Cousins noted that Adams could definitely throw the football. And since they meet each other twice in the NFC North, he jokingly said that the team’s defensive coordinators should pay special attention to what Adams could do on the field. He chimed in that Adams could throw a Philly special if Matt LaFleur felt a bit cheeky during a do-or-die game.

Adams has impressed fellow players and fans throughout the season as he was one of the standout performers in Green Bay. He finished with 997 receiving yards and five touchdowns. While he hasn’t tried out a pass yet, it may not be long before the Packers’ offense tries it out within the coming years.