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Panthers star Christian McCaffrey reveals true culprit for hamstring injury as he nears return

Christian McCaffrey, Panthers

The Carolina Panthers suffered a huge blow in Week 3 when star running back Christian McCaffrey went down with a hamstring injury early in their game against the Houston Texans. The Panthers expected the running back to be out of commission for a few weeks, but McCaffrey thinks that his hamstring is ready to go on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. (via Joe Person)

However, the Panthers RB has a lot to say with regards to what he believes is a big factor as to why he got injured. In a media press conference, McCaffrey goes off on the short rest between games, saying that the short week contributed to him going down. (via Joe Person)

Prior to that Week 3 win over the Texans, the Panthers played a game just four days prior, against the New Orleans Saints. It was a relatively easy rout for them, but it was still a four-quarter game of one of the most physically demanding sports. It’s incredibly taxing to play two high-level football matches in less than a week, and moreso for a running back like McCaffrey. The Panthers star has to be consistently running at full speed while dodging defenders and grappling for position. Without enough rest, that wear and tear doesn’t fully recuperate, leading to injuries like what happened to McCaffrey.

The Panthers could’ve used Christian McCaffrey’s prowess in their Week 4 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, but the silver lining is that their star running back could be ready to go in their next match on Sunday. Hopefully, McCaffrey is back at 100%, because he is such a treat to watch on offense.