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Panthers’ Eric Reid upset with broken promises in new CBA

Eric Reid, Panthers

There have already been quite a few players to express their disappointment with the new collective bargaining agreement being ratified, and Eric Reid of the Carolina Panthers is just one of them.

While sharing his thoughts on the matter, Reid expressed how upset he is with the broken promises in the new CBA:

Antonio Cromartie, a former cornerback in the NFL, pointed out that his original contract for benefits was expected to span over his lifetime. However, under the new CBA, his benefits could be reduced significantly in the future.

Before the tweet to Cromartie, the Panthers veteran shared his disdain for the new CBA, noting the lack of benefits for former players. The veteran safety went on to say that the current players don’t understand the economics of the deal they voted through:

The deadline for players to vote on the new CBA was on Saturday night. Then, after counting the votes, it was revealed that 1,019 players voted yes. On the other hand, there were 959 players who felt the same way as the 28-year-old Panthers safety.

Besides the majority of players voting yes, the more alarming detail is that nearly 500 players didn’t vote at all. Provided that, if some of those players would’ve voted, things could’ve ended differently for the new CBA.

The NFL enticed players to vote in favor of the new CBA with a raise in revenue and no suspensions for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. While some players agree with the specifics of the new CBA, it could negatively affect them later in their careers.

The Panthers defensive back is clearly cognizant of this, and he’s not happy.