Former Carolina Panthers star defensive end Greg Hardy was a nightmare on the gridiron. One of the most feared defenders in the league, he tallied 11 sacks in 2012 and 15 sacks in 2013.

The six-foot-five ex-NFL star has been busy fighting for dollars during his post-NFL career, with mixed results.

Hardy's MMA record currently stands at seven wins and five losses, with his final three losses coming by way of KO or TKO.

On Friday, Hardy once again tasted the canvas, as he suffered a 17th round knockout at the hands of Alexander Flores in a Team Combat League boxing promotion.

It was Hardy's second knockout loss in four months.

“Win some you lose some,” Hardy wrote on Instagram after Friday's knockout. “I got sloppy looking for a knockout.”

Hardy last played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2015, when he played in 12 games and had 35 tackles including nine for loss.

Friday's knockout came just days after Hardy called himself the “obvi(ous) influencer king” and challenged YouTube star Jake Paul to a fight. Several fans seemed to enjoy Hardy's knockout loss, judging by their social media comments.



“Walmart Fighting League ☝🏽🥇🛒,” one commenter said.

“Good, when he fights grown men who hit back, this is what happens,” referencing Hardy's 2014 domestic violence conviction.

“Greg Hardy is awful, I don’t know why people still talk about him,” another said.

Hardy, who describes himself as a boxer, UFC fighter, pro football player, and semi-pro basketball player on his Instagram page, posted photo of him being stuck at the airport following the loss.

He currently has 87,000 followers, suggesting his time in the limelight may not be over yet.

“(Forget) what the people say man, u got more balls then 99% of people online, keep ur head up bro💪,” one of his readers said following the post.

The former Panthers star suffered a knockout loss in February as part of a bare knuckle boxing event.