Patrick McCaw Injury Insight: Lumbar spinal contusion
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Patrick McCaw Injury Insight: Lumbar spinal contusion

Patrick McCaw

Patrick McMcaw took a nasty fall last night against the Sacramento Kings, after which he experienced temporary numbness in his legs.

He was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center in order to undergo further testing, all of which came back negative. He may be discharged today and has been ruled out for the next two games with a lumbar spinal contusion.

So what is a lumbar spinal contusion?

A lumbar spinal contusion is essentially a severe bruise on your lower back. Unlike most other bruising, inflammation near the spine can affect your nerves (since nerves run and exit through certain levels of the spine) which can interfere with their function.

This can result in numbness or tingling in the extremities and in more serious cases, can result in “spinal shock” — a temporary loss of feeling or movement below the area of injury.

Fortunately, Patrick McCaw did not suffer further damage and should be back within the week.

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