The New England Patriots evened their preseason record at 1-1 with a 21-17 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night, but the outcome of the game became the last thing on people's minds once Isaiah Bolden suffered a scary head injury that resulted in the game being suspended with ten minutes left to go. Bolden was rushed to the hospital after falling to the ground motionless when he inadvertently collided with his own teammate.

Bolden's injury is certainly scary, but the updates provided by the Patriots since then have been overwhelmingly encouraging. Bolden had movement in his extremities shortly after going down, and he has already been released from the hospital and returned to Foxboro with his team. Early on Sunday morning, Bolden offered his first message since the injury, another sign that he is doing well in the immediate aftermath of a very serious situation.

Via Isaiah Bolden:

“Appreciate the prayers more excited to be back with the guys.”

It's great to see that Bolden is already back with his teammates after suffering such a worrisome injury. Any sort of head or neck injury in the NFL is the cause of great concern, and given how the two sides opted to end this game early, it only added to the concern that Bolden had suffered a very serious injury.

Thankfully, it looks like Bolden is doing great, and his quick message on Twitter will only reassure fans that he is doing well in the aftermath of this injury. Bolden obviously has some recovering to do before returning to the field, but so far, it looks like his recovery is going well, although it will obviously be worth monitoring his status over the next few days.