After he sat out the entire 2023 NFL campaign, many folks naturally believed that Tom Brady's time on the playing field was over. And yet, some recent comments made by Brady in which he suggested he'd be open to returning to the league as an emergency quarterback quickly made the rounds on social media, and everyone is wondering whether or not he could unretire for a second time.

After briefly retiring after the 2021 campaign, Brady opted to unretire and return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for one more year before ultimately calling it a career. While fans have wondered whether or not he would unretire again, Brady's decision to join FOX Sports as a color commentator, and his pending deal to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, seemed to shut down that idea.

But these latest comments have caused the rumor mill to get fired up once again, and if Brady does return to the league, everyone wants to know what team he'd play for. Of course, betting lines were quickly released as a result of what Brady said, and it looks like a reunion with his longtime team in the New England Patriots has the best odds at -140, while the only other team with odds listed are the Las Vegas Raiders at +100.

Could Tom Brady actually unretire and return to NFL?

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady steps into a throw against the Bills

Brady is the greatest player in NFL history, so obviously when he teases potentially making another comeback, fans are going to freak out. And if he does, his old team in the Patriots do make the most sense, as they have struggled to replace Brady under center since he departed after the 2019 campaign. Similarly, the Raiders could use some help at quarterback, and would gladly turn to Brady if he wanted to play for them.

Is there actually a chance Brady unretires and makes another NFL comeback? While you can never say never, the odds of it happening are probably fairly slim. As previously noted, Brady is set to join the FOX Sports crew, and he is waiting to see whether his ownership bid with the Raiders gets approved. Given how long it's taken for the latter to happen, this could ultimately be a power play from Brady in an attempt to speed the process up a bit, as opposing owners likely don't want him to retake the field again unless it's for their team.

If Brady does unretire and decides to come back to the NFL, it would be quite a story to see him land with the Patriots again given all that he accomplished with the franchise. While the odds of him coming back in general don't seem to be all that great, if he does return, it looks like a trip back to Foxboro could be in the cards for the greatest quarterback of all time.