Patriots news: New England holds moment of silence after passing of Brandon Mebane's daughter
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Patriots hold moment of silence after passing of Brandon Mebane’s daughter

Brandon Mebane

The New England Patriots held a moment of silence prior to Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers to honor the passing of Brandon Mebane’s infant daughter earlier in the week.

It has certainly been a difficult week for the Chargers defensive lineman, as his 7-week-old daughter, Makenna, passed away on Thursday after dealing with a defective heart condition.

The Patriots decided to hold a moment of silence before the game started, which was obviously an emotional moment for everyone.

Mebane, who is in his third season with the team, said that he planned to play in the big game against the Patriots.

Football becomes secondary in situations like this, and it’s impossible to know exactly what Mebane has been feeling while dealing with such an unfortunate tragedy.

It was a classy move from the Patriots to take the time to show their support for Mebane and his family, and there’s no doubt that there will be plenty of emotions for him as he takes the field.

Mebane has 41 total tackles and one sack this season while playing 12 games.

He’ll hope to help the Chargers come up with a huge win over the Patriots, which would allow Los Angeles to advance to the AFC Championship Game next week.