The New England Patriots could be a really good NFL team. As a franchise, they have been very successful. There's no denying that. For so many seasons under head coach Bill Belichick, they have won a lot and are known for being really good. Right now, however, there's a bit more uncertainty. That said, the Patriots legitimately still have a chance to finish with a winning record and maybe even make it to the playoffs. In fact, some players on the Patriots' team are doing really well and might have good seasons. Let's talk about four of these players: Keion White, Malik Cunningham, Jalen Mills, and Tyquan Thornton.

2022 Patriots Season

The Patriots' 2022-2023 NFL season was a disappointment, as they finished with an 8-9 record and missed the playoffs for the second time in three years. The team struggled on both offense and defense, and several key injuries hampered their performance. The season ended with a tough loss to the Buffalo Bills, leaving fans and analysts wondering what would happen next. Despite the disappointing season, head coach Bill Belichick's future with the team is not in doubt. He remains at the helm. with new weapons in their arsenal. We're talking about guys like JuJu Smith-Schuster and Ezekiel Elliott. The team's owner, Robert Kraft, has set high expectations for the team, and the Patriots will need to bounce back in the 2023 season to meet those expectations. The team's opponents for the 2023 season include several tough teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and Buffalo Bills. The Patriots will need to improve on both ends of the field and stay healthy to have a chance at making the playoffs.

Now let's look at the four Patriots players with skyrocketing stock amid the 2023 NFL preseason.

1. Keion White

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Keion White is turning out to be a stud. That's not bad for a guy picked in the second round. He has been doing really well in practice, and his performance in their first preseason game was quite awesome. He made three tackles, and he kept putting pressure on the quarterback. Seeing him all over the place (in a good way) was quite a delight for Patriots fans. White was just really fast and explosive. This means he moves quickly and with a lot of power. People are excited about him because he's doing so well.

2. Malik Cunningham

Many were quite surprised to see Malik Cunningham be the quarterback in the Patriots' preseason game. It was certainly an unexpected move. However, he did a great job. Recall that led the team to a touchdown with a fancy move near the end zone. Of course, the reality is one solid preseason outing won't exactly ensure his spot on the final roster. New England has solid guys in both the QB and WR spots. As such, Cunningham might not make it to the main team. Still, he could be really helpful in practice as a scout team quarterback. Now, if he does well again… that could be a different story.

3. Jalen Mills

Jalen Mills is a seasoned veteran who gives the Patriots a ton of experience and stability. He didn't play a lot in their first preseason game, but when he did, good things happened. To wit, in one play, he intercepted the ball and also the run, all in a short time. This is a good thing, even though he didn't play much. Having said that, Mills is still trying to find his main role on the team. He's doing well so far, playing both CB and safety.

4. Tyquan Thornton

Tyquan Thornton is just in his second year with the team. He has not had a great training camp. However, he did really well in their first preseason game. He caught the ball twice and ran with it for a good number of yards. In one play, he even caught the ball and ran 27 yards! This could be a good start for him. We truly hope he'll keep getting better.

2023 Team Outlook

The New England Patriots are feeling hopeful about this season. They have a bunch of talented players who are getting better. This makes them think they could play in the big games at the end. So far, we have seen good things on offense from guys like Malik Cunningham and Tyquan Thornton. For its part, the defense is also getting stronger with Jalen Mills and Keion White. If the players stay healthy and do their best, they could be really good in their conference.

To sum up, the Patriots are a team that usually does well. This season, they have some new players who are doing great, like Keion White, Malik Cunningham, Jalen Mills, and Tyquan Thornton. Last season wasn't so good, but this one looks promising. With good teamwork and strong players, they could have a really good year. Let's watch and see how things go in the next few months!