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Pistons’ Blake Griffin admits finding out about blockbuster trades, signings the same as any fan

Blake Griffin, Pistons

The LA Clippers have made some waves since trading franchise player Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons, turning around and trading return star Tobias Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers the next season and amassing cap space, which they turned into Kawhi Leonard.

However, Griffin didn’t have any inside scoop into how his former team formulated a very secretive pact with Leonard or lined up a trade for Paul George, finding out through a splashy tweet from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, just like everyone else:

“I find out most of the stuff just as a fan,” Griffin told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.” “Some of the guys you kinda know, you hear some things. I was at the comedy store the other night when Kawhi went to the Clippers, my friend was on stage doing a set and I was like it started happening on Twitter.”

In due fairness, Leonard’s decision to join the Clippers shocked most of those who follow the NBA, as it seemed as if he was heading to the Los Angeles Lakers or re-signing with the Toronto Raptors. But in retrospect, that was perhaps the dead giveaway that Leonard would join them after their dogged pursuit all season.

What is it they say? Real Gs move in silence like lasagna?

Leonard has always moved silently, and that is how his camp chose to go about matters during free agency, allowing the Clippers to work a very secretive deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, doling out five first-round picks for his soon-to-be partner in crime.

Griffin was likely just as shocked during his time at the comedy store, though it’s likely the only laughs he could hear were Leonard’s awkward laugh in his head.