Pistons news: Blake Griffin was called 'boy' by Timberwolves fan in December
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Pistons’ Blake Griffin was called ‘boy’ by Timberwolves fan in December

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Back in December, Detroit Pistons All-Star power forward Blake Griffin went after a Minnesota Timberwolves fan who was talking smack to him near the end of the game.

At the time, no one knew what triggered Griffin to get so upset at the fan.

However, it looks like Blake Griffin went through something similar as Oklahoma City Thunder star point guard Russell Westbrook.

According to Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, the Timberwolves fan called Griffin “boy.”

Last week in Utah, Westbrook was told by a Jazz fan to “get on your knees like you’re used to.” The former MVP went back at the fan in a profanity-laced rant which was caught on video.

The Jazz did the right thing by banning the fan for life. Westbrook was also fined $25,000 by the NBA.

The Timberwolves ejected the fan who was talking smack to Blake Griffin. It’s unknown, though, if they banned him as well.

These racist taunts need to stop. Fans have the privilege of sitting so close to the action. They shouldn’t be using that opportunity to racially attack the players. There’s no place for that in society.

Blake Griffin hasn’t addressed the incident, but it will be interesting to see if he does moving forward.