Pistons news: Brandon Knight says it's impossible to keep guys in the loop
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Brandon Knight concedes it’s ‘almost impossible’ to update players they’re getting traded

Brandon Knight, Pistons

The Detroit Pistons had a relatively busy few days around the NBA trade deadline. It’s been pretty well documented by now.

This year’s edition of the recently-concluded trade window certainly did not disappoint. There were a number of big deals that will look to have a significant impact on the league not only for this season, but in the next few years as well.

Recently, 6-foot-2 point guard Brandon Knight — now with the Detroit Pistons as part of the trade that sent Andre Drummond to the Cleveland Cavaliers — opened up about his own personal experience in getting traded. Knight takes a pragmatic stand, saying that this is all part of the business.

“A lot of times with these trades and what we have to understand as players, not saying whether it’s right or wrong, they happen quickly so it’s tough to say we’re not trading you and then something develops quickly, and you try to inform the player, it’s almost impossible,” Knight said, via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

This is a statement you’re likely to hear from a team executive, so to come from a guy who has been involved in no less than five separate trades in his eight-year career is something special. Knight has certainly been around in the NBA, and at this point, he appreciates how these things work.

Another thing to consider here is how quickly NBA insiders are able to get a hold of these types of breaking news. More often than not, the information somehow arrives at them first even before it reaches the players involved. This is another issue that further belabors Knight’s statement above.

Having played his first two seasons with the Pistons, this is actually Knight’s second stint with the squad. He made his second debut for the team on Monday against the Charlotte Hornets, logging three points, one 3-pointer, a steal, and four turnovers in 13 minutes of play.