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Isiah Thomas reveals what he told Derrick Rose before Rose signed with Pistons

Isiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Pistons

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas called Derrick Rose last summer before the former MVP decided to sign with the Motor City franchise in free agency.

On the latest episode of Knuckleheads with Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, Thomas revealed what he told Rose about the Pistons and the city of Detroit.

“Before he went to Detroit, I called him up and I said to him the same thing that Will Robinson said to me: ‘You ain’t ever gonna get loved more than when you’re in Detroit.’ And the way the Detroit people respond to him, and the way they love him … he ain’t ever going to feel that love again,” Isiah Thomas said.

“Chicago, Detroit … hey man, ain’t nothing like it. Ain’t nothing like it.”⁠

Thomas has known Derrick Rose since the former Chicago Bulls superstar was a kid. Both Isiah and Derrick are Chicago natives.

Rose was the best player for the Pistons this season prior to play getting suspended. The three-time All-Star was averaging 18.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists in 50 games while shooting 49.0 percent from the field, 30.6 percent from beyond the arc and 87.1 percent from the free-throw line.

The Pistons chose not to trade Rose at the February trade deadline despite the Los Angeles Lakers making offers for him. Detroit wants to be competitive whenever the 2020-21 season starts, especially with All-Star power forward Blake Griffin likely recovered from his knee surgery by that time.

Derrick Rose has career NBA averages of 18.8 points, 3.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists in 596 games with the Bulls, New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Pistons.