Report: Reggie Jackson not close to return for Pistons
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Report: Reggie Jackson not close to return for Pistons

Reggie Jackson

The Detroit Pistons have entered a confusing stretch of the season in regards to their potential postseason appearance and the direction of the entire organization. The Pistons are current 9th in the Western Conference, and they definitely have a chance to make the postseason this year.

Yet, inconsistency and injuries are starting to derail the Pistons’ playoff hopes at this point of the season. Mainly, this have been exacerbated by the absence of their starting point guard Reggie Jackson. After suffering a right ankle sprain earlier in the season, Jackson has been out of the Pistons’ lineup indefinitely.

Apparently, the Pistons have struggled without him and will likely continue to do so if he doesn’t return soon. Though, Jackson shouldn’t be rushed to return from injury, especially since the Pistons are within range of making a last minute postseason push. In any case, that may not even be the concern, as Jackson is not even close to returning to the Pistons’ lineup according to head coach Stan Van Gundy, per Rob Beard of The Detroit News.

“He’s okay, but there’s nothing imminent with him. He’s doing his rehab and he did a little bit of 1-on-1 against one of the video guys today, but that’s as far along as he is.”

This doesn’t particularly look good for the Pistons who are so far struggling this year to build an identity. Even after trading for Blake Griffin, the Pistons still lack the pieces they need to thrive in the Eastern Conference. If Jackson doesn’t return soon, the Pistons could likely miss the postseason again, which could prompt the front office to make some drastic decisions in the off-season.