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Richard Jefferson quips that Pistons’ Tony Snell is shooting like he has coronavirus


The Detroit Pistons had an anemic showing against the Brooklyn Nets as they lost, 125-115. With their best players out due to injuries, Tony Snell and the rest of the team failed to step up to the plate as Kyrie Irving and company had their way with them.

In fact, Snell’s performance was so abysmal that Richard Jefferson dared to make a controversial take: the former-player-turned-analyst compared his performance to a person suffering from the novel coronavirus.

It’s a quip that took everyone by surprise. The novel coronavirus is a serious medical condition that has already afflicted Asia, some parts of Europe and the United States by storm. It’s a serious medical condition that a couple of people will not find hilarious from Jefferson.

However, the former Cleveland Cavalier will argue that he was only saying that Snell played sickly on the court. The numbers will back him up on his claim: the forward only shot two-of-eight from the field and both of his makes were from distance. If Blake Griffin were available to play, his poor shooting might have been excused.

However, only Derrick Rose and Reggie Jackson had respectable outings. Andre Drummond did finish with 12 points, 13 rebounds, four assists, two steals, and two blocks, but his 31% field goal percentage showed that there was a lot to be desired from his outing.

With the way they’re playing, the Pistons may be doomed to another lottery season. They can still fight for a playoff spot, but Snell and the rest of the Pistons must step up and contribute during games. The remainder of the season will be terrible for them if they don’t change their ways.