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Thon Maker admits Pistons wants him to ‘not be robotic out there’

High school hoops fans definitely remember the days when Detroit Pistons center Thon Maker would cross opponents over, sprint to the rim, and slam it down. Fans rarely see that side of him nowadays, but he is making an effort to bring it back. Maker is currently in China for the FIBA World Cup, in which he is suiting up for Australia. he revealed to Fox Sports Australia’s Olgun Ulug that he is working on bringing back that version of Maker that high school hoops fans loved.

Apparently, the Pistons expect that out of him as well.

“They wanna see me finishing through contact,” Maker said.

“They wanna see me push the ball, and playmake. Just, play basketball. That’s the biggest thing they want me to do; not be robotic out there. Shoot the ball well from the perimeter; be a knockdown shooter from there then, on the defensive end, be able to move, guard smalls as well.

“They want me to play against smalls, those small point guards, and really test my handle against those guys. Then also, test your movement, defensive movement; speed and agility, and those sorts of things.”

Since being drafted in 2016 by the Milwaukee Bucks, he failed to make a big impact with the Bucks. he forced his way out of the team and found himself in Motor City. With Andre Drumond’s future with the team becoming all the more uncertain, there’s a chance for him to establish himself as the lead big man in the team.

Of course, it will take a while before Mixtape Thon makes a return to the league. However, we should be able to see good basketball from him in the World Cup.