Pokémon Scarlet and Violet bring us to the Paldea region where new Pokémon can be discovered, found, and caught. During the promotional phase of the games, Pokémon like Armarouge and Ceruledge were some of the highlight version exclusives. In this Pokémon SV Guide, we'll let you in on how to evolve Charcadet.

Who is Charcadet?

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Charcadet is the basic form of Armarouge and Ceruledge. Its Pokédex entry on Pokémon Scarlet states “Burnt charcoal came to life and became a Pokémon. Possessing a fiery fighting spirit, Charcadet will battle even tough opponents.” while its Pokédex entry on Pokémon Violet states “Its firepower increases when it fights, reaching over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It likes berries that are rich in fat.” This Pokémon is described to be the “Fire Child” Pokémon.

How to catch Charcadet early in the game?

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Catch yourself a Charcadet by simply eating a Pickle Sandwich (JUST pickles and olive oil) to get the Fire Encounter meal power. After that, head on to the Pokémon Center in South Province (Area Three). You will find a Charcadet there thanks to the boost from the Fire Encounter meal power. Catch one and you're all set!

How to find the armor for Charcadet?

You can find Charcadet's armor from the same person in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. You can get the Auspicious Armor from a woman in Zapapico in Pokémon Scarlet, and the Malicious Armor in Pokémon Violet.

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You'll have to exchange 10 Bronzor Fragments for the Auspicious Armor and 10 Sinistea Chips for the Malicious Armor.

To find out the story behind the evolution of Charcadet, you can read the book titled “Charcadet's Adventures” on a bookshelf on the right side of the Entrance Hall's third floor.

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How to evolve Charcadet to Armarouge?

How to evolve Charcadet to Armarouge is pretty easy. When you already have the Ausipicious Armor, all you have to do is access it in your bag, select the Auspicious Armor and use it on Charcadet.

How to evolve Charcadet to Ceruledge?

Similar to how Charcadet evolves in Pokémon Scarlet, you just have to use the Malicious Armor that you have traded. Access it in your bag, use it on Charcadet and he instantly evolves into Ceruledge.

How to Evolve Charcadet can be tricky but is actually pretty easy. We've got tons more of Pokémon SV Guides to watch out for. Best of luck, trainers!