Brilliant Stars is the ninth expansion under Pokemon TCG's Sword and Shield era. Learn more about Pokemon TCG set Brilliant Stars‘ release date, new mechanics, and notable new cards.

Pokemon TCG Set Brilliant Stars Release Date: February 25, 2022

The next set in the Pokemon Sword & Shield series will be released on February 25, 2022. The new set will feature 172+ cards, introduce the new Pokemon VSTAR mechanic, and will feature Full Art reprints of Pokemon with their Trainers.

Brilliant Stars revolves around Arceus, the god Pokemon, who also comes with a VSTAR card. the new VSTAR mechanic functions similarly to the VMAX mechanic from previous sets, which it also replaces in Brilliant Stars. Arceus also has a V card, showcasing two forms that Arceus can take up in the new set. Apart from Arceus, there is only one new Pokemon card revealed to have the VSTAR mechanic so far: Charizard. Other Pokemon expected to have the VSTAR mechanic is Shaymin and Whimsicott. Rare VSTAR cards will definitely be the chase cards for players getting this set, as well as a couple of VMAX cards peppered on the list. We're sure this Arceus VSTAR card will do rounds in both competitive play and collections.

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Brilliant Stars is expected to consist of cards also from the Japanese sets Starter Deck 100 and the VMAX Climax Subset from the Japanese Star Birth expansion. Star Birth, the Japanese version of Brilliant Stars, releases a month earlier on January 14, 2022.