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Derek Carr says players want to play for Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr, Giants

The Oakland Raiders do not exactly have the greatest reputation around the league right now. Heck, they haven’t had the greatest reputation around the league for a decade-and-a-half.

However, quarterback Derek Carr said on his YouTube channel that free agents are interested in playing for Oakland.

“I’ve talked to some guys,” said Carr, via Raiders beat writer Matt Schneidman. “I wish I could tell you who … Contrary to popular belief, people want to come play for the Raiders. Coach Gruden was right about that.”

The Raiders are coming off of a miserable season in which they went just 4-12. Prior to the start of the 2018 campaign, Jon Gruden—in his first year as Oakland’s head coach—traded linebacker Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears for a pair of first-round draft picks, raising a lot of hairs among Raiders fans.

Then, during the season, Gruden—who also has full autonomy in Oakland’s organization—proceeded to trade wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for another first-rounder and fired general manager Reggie McKenzie.

Talk about an active first year on duty.

At the very least, the Raiders have accumulated a lot of first-round draft picks, which they will certainly need to hit on in order to properly rebuild. As far as free agents? Apparently, guys are interested in playing in Oakland, which does make some sense considering the Raiders are a prestigious organization regardless of how horrendous they have been the past 15 years.

Carr is coming off of a season in which he threw for 4,049 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.