The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine officially kicked off on Thursday, and the opening day's activities revolved around the defensive linemen and the linebackers. Still, there was plenty of talk revolving around the quarterbacks in this year's upcoming draft. While the combine was taking place, NFL insider Ian Rapoport revealed which teams had met with this year's top QBs, and one of them includes the Las Vegas Raiders.

“But the [top quarterbacks] did meet with several teams,” Rapoport said, via his official X (Twitter) account. “Of course, the Chicago Bears met with all of the top guys. Washington Commanders, the (New England) Patriots — that’s one, two and three. The Raiders, of course, a team potentially that would need to trade up for a quarterback. Atlanta Falcons, (New York) Jets, (New York) Giants, (Minnesota) Vikings and (New Orleans) Saints. There right there, guys, are your quarterback teams.”

This news comes amid the Raiders' ongoing search for a star QB. Last season, the team fielded three starting quarterbacks: Aidan O'Connell, Jimmy Garoppolo and Brian Hoyer. While O'Connell did show promise during his rookie season, it seems like Las Vegas is exploring all their available options (based on Rapoport's comments).

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Jimmy Garoppolo surrounded by piles of cash.

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Antonio Pierce surrounded by bags of cash.

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The Raiders are 13th in the draft, but with top quarterback prospects like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels and J.J. McCarthy looking to enter the pros, there's a possibility that the team trades up.

Besides the draft, free agents such as Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield and Ryan Tannehill are available in the market. All things considered, the Raiders' quarterback dilemma is a top priority to fix in order for a fruitful 2024 season to take place.