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Raiders open to idea of signing Colin Kaepernick, confirms Mark Davis

Colin Kaepernick, NFL

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis has just confirmed that his team has the green light to sign Colin Kaepernick. Moreover, the “blessing” to sign the QB has been there for a few years now.

As noted by Paul Gutierrez of ESPN, Davis clarified that he has been open to sign Kaepernick since 2017 — the year he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers after the controversies that surrounded the signal-caller in the previous season.

“Since 2017, I’ve told the coaches and general managers that if they want to hire Colin Kaepernick, they have my blessing,” Davis said.

The 32-year old athlete-turned-activist hasn’t been signed in over four years, a situation mainly driven by his political stance. However, even with the push of the team’s owner, the Raiders’ front-office execs and coaches seemed to look pass Kaepernick and opted to prioritize their mainstays for the past few years.

Due to all the changes that are being recently pushed by a lot of the members of the league amid the nationwide protests and movements against racism and social injustice, talks to sign Colin Kaepernick have been activated once again.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has even come out to encourage teams to sign the quarterback.

Uplifting words (and tweets) have been a positive development for Kap’s football career, but let’s be real: all these won’t mean a thing until someone finally signs the quarterback.