Maxx Crosby is making his presence known for the Raiders amid the team's poor start. The Raiders have begun the season with a 1-2 record but fans have grown restless with some of the unsavory aspects of what has been happening on the field thus far.

Las Vegas agreed to a contract with a former Broncos defender recently that has fans talking. The comments of star wide receiver Davante Adams were concerning to many and could portend a future trade to another team, perhaps out of the Raiders' current division.

Recently Crosby, who played his college ball at Eastern Michigan, had a mouthful to say about expectations going forward for Head Coach Josh McDaniels' below-.500 team.

The Raiders are expected to face the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday and it should be a challenging game according to recent trends, to say the least.

Crosby's comments were relayed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and appeared to showcase the defensive end's dissatisfaction with the team's attitude.

“You can feel bad for yourself, come in here and put your head down and bitch and moan,” Crosby said. “But that’s a personal problem.”

“You can come in, do the same mediocre (stuff), and that’s the results you’re gonna get,” Crosby said.

“Or you can come in and do your job at the highest level possible — from recovery to nutrition to sleep to your performance in practice to details, to your pad level. Everything matters.”

The Raiders have scored just 45 points on the season compared with 77 for the team's opponents. Crosby has nine solo tackles and two sacks so far in 2023, but the Raiders' offense must step up its production if the team is to knock off the surging Chargers on Sunday.