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UFC president Dana White trying to push Tom Brady to the Raiders

Dana White, UFC, Tom Brady, Raiders

With Tom Brady being an impending free agent, everyone—including Dana White—is sharing their thoughts on where the veteran quarterback will play in 2020. White, the president of the UFC, is trying to push the narrative of Brady playing for the Las Vegas Raiders.

The longtime quarterback of the New England Patriots was seen at the latest card of UFC fights in Las Vegas. Before the fights, Brady was seen speaking to Mark Davis, the owner of the Raiders. That led White to speak about the prospects of Brady possibly playing for the Raiders next season.

“I thought you guys were going to ask me ‘Hey, Tom Brady was here. Davis was here. I saw them talking. What’s going on?’” White joked on Saturday night via Henry McKenna. “Are you guys (expletive) Las Vegans or what? Come on man. If that dude isn’t playing for Boston he’s playing here. I don’t know. I have no idea what I’m talking about. But year, he liked the fight.”

Heading into next season, the Raiders are making the move from Oakland to Las Vegas. Therefore, White—who is a native of Las Vegas—is trying to spark the idea of the Raiders signing Brady in the offseason.

Of course, the Raiders currently have Derek Carr as their quarterback. While Carr has shown flashes of being a franchise quarterback, it remains to be seen if Jon Gruden wants to keep him around long-term.

Even though Carr is under contract through 2023, the Raiders could decide to move on from him for a fairly cheap price in the offseason. Provided that, as unlikely as it may be, Las Vegas shouldn’t be ruled out as a team that could land Brady in free agency.