Rams news: Brandin Cooks calls Marcus Peters 'one of the best teammates' he could ask for
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Rams’ Brandin Cooks calls Marcus Peters ‘one of the best teammates’ he could ask for

Brandin Cooks, Marcus Peters, Rams

The Los Angeles Rams traded Marcus Peters on Tuesday in a surprising move that sent him to the Baltimore Ravens. Following the trade, Brandin Cooks called Peters ‘one of the best teammates‘ he could ask for.

That statement says a lot coming from Cooks; who has spent time with the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots.

Prior to the 2018 season, both Cooks and Peters found themselves being traded to the Rams from their former teams. Cooks came by way of the Patriots while Peters was arriving from the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, when Peters was traded, there were a lot of questions concerning his character in the locker room. Nevertheless, he and Cooks immediately became crucial players for Los Angeles in 2018.

With a corner of Peters’ skill set, you’re going to have a mixture of very good and very bad plays within a game. Additionally, Peters has never been afraid to speak his mind but he’s turned that into being a phenomenal leader in the locker room.

In Peters’ first season with the Rams, the playmaking cornerback totaled 43 tackles, eight pass deflections, three interceptions, and a touchdown. This season, the talented corner had just 14 tackles, two interceptions, and a touchdown.

Unlike Cooks though, the Rams didn’t give Peters an extension when they traded for him. Or even after the 2018 season. Instead, Los Angeles decided to have the cornerback play out the final year of his contract with the uncertainty of re-signing him after this season.

Now, it appears as if the Rams never had plans of keeping him long term. There are other players who were sad to see Peters go but they understand it’s a business. Cooks called Peters the ‘best teammate he could have asked for’ and will get a chance to face him in Week 12 on Monday Night Football versus the Ravens.