The Los Angeles Rams had a collective heart attack when Cooper Kupp exited their Tuesday practice due to an injury. Kupp was just returning from an ankle injury that sidelined him for most of the 2022 season, and had some incredible catches during the practice game. After practice ended, everyone is wondered what the prognosis for the WR's injury is.

Thankfully, it does seem like Kupp won't be missing significant time due to the injury. The Rams star underwent an MRI for his hamstring injury, according to Adam Schefter. However, the team expects Kupp to return for scrimmages in a couple of weeks.

“Rams’ WR Cooper Kupp underwent an MRI on his hamstring and while the team will be very cautious with him, one source said he potentially could be back “for scrimmages in a few weeks.””

Kupp exited the Rams' workout thirty minutes in after running a route in the red zone. McVay confirmed the injury to reporters after practice ended, saying that the WR “came up” after running said route. Considering his previous injury, fans are rightfully worried that Kupp either reinjured that ankle or that it triggered a different injury.

Thankfully, it seems like the injury would be a minor one. The Rams will be careful with dealing with Cooper Kupp's injury, likely sitting him out for an extended period. The hope is that the WR will be fully healthy and ready to play for Week 1 of the season. If all goes well, Kupp might even play in a preseason game or two to get warmed up before the season starts.