Rams news: ESPN shares full predictions for wide receiver Brandin Cooks in 2019
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ESPN shares full predictions for Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks in 2019

Brandin Cooks

With the 2019 NFL regular season almost upon us, ESPN has begun updating its projections for the 2019 fantasy season. While this isn’t a lock for how the company thinks things will go, it is a good way to see how their analysts project certain players to do. When it comes to Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks, they expect a pretty good year.

According to the projections from ESPN’s fantasy site, they expect Cooks to bring in 75 receptions for 1,128 yards and to also score five touchdowns.

While some of the stats may seem pretty low, they’re actually mostly in line with his yearly averages, and while the touchdowns themself might seem pretty low, they also fall in line with the average for the standout receiver, who scored five last year and seven in 2017 with the New England Patriots.

For Cooks, the number of receptions would be about on pace with his 2018 numbers, as Cooks also hauled in 80 receptions last year for 1,204 yards. With the Rams also expected to get young standout Cooper Kupp back on the field after his injury-plagued 2018 season, it’s understandable why projections for Cooks would be a bit low.

Still, the receiver will more than likely get close to those numbers, and could even surpass them, barring injury. As the Rams look to get back to the Super Bowl after losing last year’s to the Patriots, Cooks will be an integral part of Sean McVay’s offense, and will be looked at to do a lot this season. For the Rams to once again reign over the NFC, he’ll need to come close to those projections.