Rams news: Jared Goff details most important traits for a head coach
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Rams’ Jared Goff details most important traits for a head coach

Jared Goff, Rams

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff is pretty lucky to have a stellar head coach, Sean McVay, leading the way on the West Coast.

During a recent interview with NFL.com, Goff explained the most important traits for a head coach while describing everything that the aforementioned McVay does well for the Rams — which is spot on considering how talented the young football mind has become.

“1) Listening: The ability to be open-minded to others’ ideas and others’ thoughts, and the ability to actually take those in where your ego is not too big where [you think] you’re the only one who’s right,” Goff said, via NFL.com.

“2) Communication: How well you’re able to communicate to everyone, not only your players and coaches, but everyone within the building and the front office. But especially players — how you’re able to communicate with players that are smart and are extremely intelligent and can handle a lot, and then at the same time the players that need to be helped out a little bit more, and not be frustrated but to communicate in a way that helps them. That’s part of why I think [Rams coach Sean McVay] does so well.”

Of course, not only is McVay one of the best head coaches that the league has to offer today but he is also one of the youngest. As it stands today, McVay is currently gearing up for his fourth season as the Rams’ leader along the sideline while he just turned 34 years old back in January.

Already a Coach of the Year Award winner and a NFC Champion with the Rams, McVay has definitely solidified himself as the cream of the crop.

“3) Connectivity: Genuinely connecting with your players and genuinely connecting with your staff,” Goff added. “And showing a true interest in not only who they are as football players, but who they are as people. That’s another thing that Sean does really well, being able to connect with everybody no matter who it is, from top to bottom of the roster. Everyone. Being able to understand them as a person and truly have a relationship with them.”

Unfortunately for both Goff and McVay, the Rams will be forced to play in the NFC West once again in 2020-21. While the Rams will compete among the division’s best, the trio of the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers remain primed for successful campaigns.

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