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Jay Glazer says Rams RB Todd Gurley’s knee is a ‘concern’

The big news all off-season surrounding the Los Angeles Rams is about Todd Gurley and how big of a concern is knee is. It seems every NFL insider is weighing in on the situation and Jay Glazer of the Athletic is the latest writer to give his insight.

Answering a question for Glazer’s NFL mailbag, he said he doesn’t think the sky is falling, but it’s something that needs to be paid attention because it could keep creeping up.

“It is a concern,” Jay Glazer writes in his latest Q&A for TheAthletic.com, regarding Gurley’s knee. “The sky isn’t falling but even now, they’re being smart about it. It did swell up on him last year, this is a knee that has had wear and tear. Eventually, you’re going to factor this in especially with them having to sit him down the stretch last year.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, but it is definitely something you have to monitor and be prepared for in case that thing blows up on him again. We already learned that lesson last year. That’s why he isn’t doing any on-field work yet.”

Gurley suffered a torn ACL in 2014 but through the first couple of years in the NFL, the knee was never a concern. Last year after week one his knee swelled and it continued to bother him most of the season. Down the stretch of the regular season and the playoffs, he was really affected and it caused him to play very limited snaps.

Gurley has five years left on his contract and the Rams still have three years before they even have an out on the contract. The hope is that the knee problem won’t be something that hinders him for the rest of the contract and his career.