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Rams’ Les Snead confirms preliminary discussions have begun on Jared Goff contract extension

Jared Goff, Les Snead

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead has confirmed preliminary discussions on a contract extension for quarterback Jared Goff have begun.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz agreed to a four-year, $128 million extension with the Eagles earlier this month. Since then, there has been massive speculation as to when the Rams will dangle a similar offer to Goff, per the Los Angeles Times’ Gary Klein.

For his part, Les Snead told Klein on June 14 that Jared Goff will eventually receive his hefty paycheck.

Rams officials have said that it could happen before the upcoming season or before the 2020 season, the final year of Goff’s rookie contract. General manager Les Snead on Friday indicated that the Rams and Goff’s representation firm, which also represents Wentz, have had preliminary discussions about a possible timeline for further talks.

‘Nothing heavy,’ he said. ‘No lifting.’

But Snead, (Rams head coach Sean) McVay, and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff have said they want Goff for the long term.

‘If a quarterback can prove he can win in this league – win two division championships and get to a Super Bowl – I think it’s obvious that at some point he will get a long-term contract from the Rams.

For his part, Rams chief operating officer and executive vice president of football operations Kevin Demoff confirmed Les Snead in his and Sean McVay’s commitment to Goff, per ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry.

Demoff didn’t provide Thiry a timetable for Goff’s extension. Demoff said the first priority is for the Rams to “get through the offseason” and evaluate player performance before looking at their contract extensions.

Thiry says the 24-year-old Jared Goff will earn $4.3 million in 2019 and $22.8 million in 2020. From all indications, Goff will earn a massive paycheck sooner or later.