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Rams HC Sean McVay says there’s ‘increased dialogue’ with Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald, Rams

Only a week ago the Los Angeles Rams didn’t seem to have much optimism about getting a deal done with their starting defensive tackle Aaron Donald. But now, it appears that the Rams at least feel like talks are getting closer and that a deal may be coming soon.

It seems from quotes from coach Sean McVay that the team knows that they need to get a deal done with Donald which is interesting because they were taking a tough stance before and didn’t seem like they were wanting to do much budging.

“Same ball park, zip code. That’s good,” McVay said Saturday, via quotes distributed by the team via Pro Football Talk. “We talked about that. There’s been. . . . Let’s put it this way: There’s increased dialogue. There’s more. . . . We feel positive about the direction that these things are going. I think there’s a level of urgency that’s being displayed from us. I know that they know how much we value him and appreciate Aaron. Hopefully, we’ll see some things change on that front sooner than later, but it’s still kind of in the same boat.

“I know there’s a huge level of urgency from our side in terms of how important he is, wanting to be proactive about trying to find a solution, get this thing done. We’ll see if we can get that situation handled.”

Donald hasn’t been in camp this year as he looks for his new long-term deal. He is scheduled to make $6.89 million this season on the last year of his rookie deal. If a deal isn’t reached before the season and Donald continues his holdout it’s going to be a big loss to the Rams who are expected to have a good year this year, but missing him up front would really hurt.