Rams news: Wade Phillips thinks Lamar Jackson may be better than Michael Vick
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Rams DC Wade Phillips thinks Lamar Jackson may be better than Michael Vick

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The Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson comparison isn’t new. Since his Louisville days, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has earned comparisons to Vick due to his speed, agility, big arm, and ability to put all three together. However, some think that Jackson may be better than Vick, despite having less than two seasons of NFL experience to his name.

In preparation for Monday night’s bout with the Ravens, Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips says that Jackson may be better than Vick, or, at the very minimum, that he is this era’s version of the famed dual-threat.

Pretty similar in a lot of ways. Both of them are great runners,” said Phillips, via Cameron DaSilva of the Rams Wire. “Mike was similar in that he didn’t throw many interceptions and he had that flick of the wrist that he could throw the ball downfield. But Lamar is this era’s Michael Vick, maybe plus — Michael Vick-plus.”

Phillips is no stranger to Vick’s game, either. He was the defensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons in 2002 and the interim head coach the year after. Though Vick was a folk hero and game-changer, Phillips views the younger version as the upgraded one.

Phillips will go as far to say that Jackson is the MVP in 2019, saying:

“He’s certainly the MVP so far this year and is having a great year.”

After 11 weeks of play, that’s less of a bold prediction and more the consensus. By the way Phillips lauds Jackson, he has his work cut out for him to prepare his defense to face the Ravens.