During a Rams-Chargers preseason game, a fan got his rear absolutely broken by numerous fans. It was, to put it politely, a big ordeal.

Here's video of the fight in which a Rams fan gets bonked in the head, gut and side a bunch of times while other fans start tossing assorted beverages on everyone involved because why not?

While everyone on the mean streets of social media is having a good giggle at this for obvious reasons, I'm about to take the high road and let you know this is absolute hogwash.

No. Seriously. This is why families usually avoid tailgating at college football games. Sporting events should be family friendly. It should not be a place where donnybrooks randomly break out because a bunch of ego-filled wackos got their feelings hurt over whatever dilly or person they think wronged them.

No, Rams fan! You are the wrong doer! Also, the fans who “won” the fight are also losers. Just because the bunch of you curb-stomped another human doesn't mean you get to come out of this as cool kids or anything. You're as lame as everyone else.

All of this in a Rams-Chargers preseason game. Thanks for nothing, people who take away from what should be fun life experiences for people of all ages.