Rams video: Aaron Donald plays insane game of volleyball with a twist
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Rams video: Aaron Donald plays insane game of volleyball with a twist

Aaron Donald, Rams

Los Angeles Rams superstar defensive lineman Aaron Donald is one of a kind. Many consider him to be the best defensive player in football right now.

In fact, many consider him to be the best player in football right now period, regardless of position. And it is not uncommon to see people putting him near the top of their all-time lists either. He is seriously that dominant.

What’s scary about Donald is just how ridiculous everything about him seems to be. He’s a monstrous human being but looks to be built of straight muscle. Meanwhile, he tends to do things mortal humans should not be able to.

And that leads us to a tweet from Cameron DaSilva of The Rams Wire. A tweet showing Donald and teammate Sebastian Joseph-Day playing a game of volleyball. Only, it’s a game of volleyball with an insane twist.

Yes, that’s a medicine ball and an absolutely monstrous one at that. Now, it’s unclear how heavy the ball is (bigger does not always mean heavier with medicine balls), but it’s obviously not a volleyball.

And what’s insane is how Donald handles it. He catches it with ease, then fires it back over the net to the point the opposing player had to leap and reach for it (to his credit that was a great grab).

Then Donald makes a diving catch for the ball, which he makes – just ridiculous.

It’s safe to assume this helps with core strength and hand-eye coordination. So it will be interesting to see if Donald credits this at all in the future.

One thing is certain, though, Donald continues to prove that he’s just a ridiculous person who does things no one should be allowed to do. And he always seems to make them look far too easy.