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Ranking the 5 most underrated NFL wide receivers in 2020

Wide receiver is probably one of the most star-studded positions in the NFL. Everywhere you look, there are superstars at the position.

In fact, nearly every team has a big-name at wide receiver. Remember how everyone thought the Washington Redskins were completely lost at the position heading into 2019? Terry McLaurin emerged as a star.

Nearly every NFL team has a player like that. Someone that emerged at some point and gave the team another star. And the wide receiver position seems to be filled with stories like that.

Of course there are also the NFL players that everyone knows were stars from the beginning. DeAndre Hopkins and Julio Jones come to mind immediately.

What about the unsung heroes though? The players that are right near the top of the list, but don’t seem to get the same recognition.

Let’s talk about those players right now. We’re going to dive on in and try to decide who the top-five most underrated wide receivers are in the NFL heading into the 2020 season.

5. Cooper Kupp

Let’s start with one that might divide a few people. However, it still feels like Cooper Kupp is not exactly getting much attention from fans as a whole.

Sure, Los Angeles Rams fans will talk him up all day. But outside of that it feels like people might not really just how good the receiver is.

Last season, Kupp racked up career-highs in receptions (94), receiving yards (1,161) and touchdowns (10).

Now be honest, did you really know he put up those numbers. And if you did, can you confidently say you think most NFL fans would have been able to tell you that.

Even crazier, are you confident all NFL fans would really know who Kupp is. He’s one of the best players on a Rams team that had a “disappointing” year in 2019 after their incredible 2018 run and they still won nine games.

Despite that, Kupp doesn’t seem like a household name. He had to make the list due to that.

4. John Brown

John Brown burst onto the season early in his career. After a strong rookie season in 2014, Brown had over 1,000 yards in his sophomore year in 2015 with the Arizona Cardinals.

However, there was a swift and steady decline the next few seasons. And when Brown joined the Buffalo Bills for the 2019 season, no one was really thinking much of him. He was just another receiver on a team with okay weapons.

Instead, Brown was a star. He had a career-high 72 receptions for a career-best 1,070 yards. Brown also scored six times.

Meanwhile, the Bills were a serious contender in 2019 and look to be even better in 2020. Despite both the team and Brown breaking out, he still flew under the radar. Ask a lot of people about the wide receiver and most would probably tell you how he never fulfilled his potential that he showed early on.

Instead, he’s looking better than ever.

3. Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd has had two pretty big obstacles since entering the league when it comes to being noticed.

First of all, he plays on the same team as A.J. Green. Green has had health issues recently. However, when he’s healthy, he is an absolute freak of nature. It’s not a stretch to say that Green is one of the most athletic and talented wide receivers we have ever seen in the NFL.

The other problem is the team that they play on, the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s been hard to be taken seriously in recent years if you are a member of the Bengals, as they’ve been just absolutely horrendous.

Boyd has been a monster though, especially these last two years. And even more so, especially in 2019.

Last season, Boyd racked up 90 receptions for 1,046 yards and five touchdowns. What’s that, you didn’t hear much about him last season?

That’s because if you aren’t in a fantasy football league there is really no reason anyone would be talking about a player on the worst team in football.

Since Boyd has only really broken out over the last two years, he has not gotten much coverage. You can’t really blame people for not thinking to cover too much on a team that isn’t winning though.

However, Boyd is far too good for that. And soon people won’t be able to ignore him just because his team is bad. Besides, the Bengals might not be bad for much longer anyways.

2. DJ Moore

Coming in second is DJ Moore. This one might be a little more controversial for a few reasons.

First of all, Moore has played in just two NFL seasons. So to call him “underrated” might seem like a little bit of a stretch to some.

Second of all, Moore got a good amount of recognition last season. However, that seemed to mainly be in the NFL fantasy football community.

For the most part, Moore is severely underrated because of his team, the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers are not dreadful or anything. But they have Christian McCaffrey. The running back is an absolute stud and quite possibly the most dangerous weapon in the NFL.

What that does though is create a narrative. A narrative that McCaffrey is the only weapon in Carolina and the only reason the offense really does anything.

Yes, McCaffrey is a monster and their MVP. He’s not the only reason for a win though. Moore recorded 87 receptions for 1,175 yards and four touchdowns last season.

Would you really have though he did that based on the way the media hypes up the Panthers as having absolutely zero help for McCaffrey? I rest my case.

1. DeVante Parker

Finally, we come to DeVante Parker of the Miami Dolphins. You could make the argument that Parker is underrated because of his team. And that definitely has some legs.

However, Parker was next-level great last season and the talk for him is so muted that even saying it is the team’s fault doesn’t seem right. That just does not seem like a good enough reason for the wide receiver to not get the attention he deserves.

Last year, Parker finished the season with 72 receptions for 1,202 yards and nine receiving touchdowns. The receiving yards were fifth in the entire NFL. Meanwhile, the touchdowns were tied for fourth in the entire NFL.

Be honest with yourself. Looking at those numbers and watching Parker be an absolute monster on film and a nightmare for defenders. Do you really think he got the attention he deserved?

The answer is an obvious no. Parker is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. If he keeps going at his 2019 pace, it seems almost impossible that it continues to be the case for much longer though.