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Video: Rasheed Wallace gets his impersonation from Brandon Armstrong

The NBA impersonator is back with a quite nostalgic nod to one of basketball’s more spirited players of his time — Rasheed Wallace.

Brandon Armstrong nails every aspect of Wallace’s game, from the sweep-jab from the triple threat position to his high release with a feathery touch.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a true Rasheed Wallace without the overly-exaggerated flailing, trash talking, and his classic line of “ball don’t lie” after a free-throw miss when he thought a foul was uncalled for.

This video brings back memories to when he dominated with the Portland Blazers in the early 2000s and his days with the Detroit Pistons who memorably traded for him en route to an NBA championship.

The Philadelphia native played 16 years in the league and was one of the pioneers of the “3-and-D” power forward who could average a steal, a block, and a three or more per game.

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