The worst case scenario has come true for the Baltimore Ravens. After months of contract negotiations, Lamar Jackson has not signed a contract extension with the team. The two sides failed to agree to a deal before the start of the season. As a result, Jackson and Baltimore will resume these talks after the season is over.

The big question on everyone's minds after this news broke was simple: just how much money did Lamar Jackson turn down from the Ravens? There were rumors of what Jackson was demanding from the team, yes. However, there were no clear-cut reports on the actual numbers. Well, Chris Mortensen has the answers for the question everyone has been asking. (via Chris Mortensen)

As Mortensen alluded to in his tweet, Lamar Jackson was angling for a contract similar to what Deshaun Watson got in Cleveland. However, the Ravens were not willing to do that. They tried to compromise by offering a longer and more lucrative deal than any other quarterback outside of Watson. Apparently, that wasn't enough.

A major talking point during these negotiations was Lamar Jackson not having an agent. Many fans were worried that the Ravens QB could be torpedoing his chances at a big payday by not hiring a professional agent. However, according to Mortensen, Jackson was counseled by the NFLPA during the negotiations.

Jackson is too good to not be paid the big bucks. The only question is which team will sign the quarterback to a mega-deal. Ravens fans are hoping that the team figures out a way to keep the electric Jackson with the team long-term.