Ravens news: John Harbaugh wants 'rough' and 'tough guys' at wide receiver
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Ravens coach John Harbaugh wants ‘rough’ and ‘tough guys’ at wide receiver

John Harbaugh

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is a very successful coach and knows what it takes to win games.

One need in particular the team desperately needs is a solid pass catcher. The Ravens have been without a viable option at the wide receiver position since Steve Smith Sr. was with the team a handful of years ago and even then they got him at the end of his career.

As the 2019 draft approaches, the Ravens should take a close look at some pass-catching prospects and Harbaugh has the type of player he wants in mind already. Harbaugh stated the team wants “a certain type of receiver” and added they want “want rough guys…tough guys.”

The Ravens long-time head coach reiterated the team is a great destination for a player filling that mold.

“The counterargument I would make to the naysayers, because of the offense we’re going to run and the skills of the quarterback that we have, you’re going to get open. You’re going to be more wide open,” Harbaugh said, via ESPN.com. “And if you’re the kind of guy that wants to catch a ball and go run for a touchdown, if that’s something that appeals to you as a wide receiver, then maybe Baltimore is a place you want to think about. Because you’re going to have an opportunity to do that.”

Considering the team cut ties with Michael Crabtree and lost John Brown in free agency, the Ravens need to give quarterback Lamar Jackson someone to throw to.

The draft and remainder of the offseason could be interesting for the Ravens going forward.