Ravens news: Lamar Jackson not worried about getting injured due to running
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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson not concerned about getting injured due to his running

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the most explosive athletes the NFL has ever seen, but with that athleticism comes some danger.

For running quarterbacks, scrambling always brings the potential for injury, especially for ones that Jackson that will try to fight for extra yards rather than sliding.

But Jackson is not worried about possibly getting hurt:

“I’m not,” Jackson told NBC’s Mike Tirico. “Gotta watch the game up close. I’m not really taking no hits. I got it figured out. … You can get hurt in practice on the dropback. Knock on wood. … So you can get hurt doing anything. It don’t matter if you’re running. You can be scratching [and] hurt yourself. I play ball to win. I don’t worry about getting injured.”

Many have questioned just how long of a career Jackson will be able to have given his style of play, to which Jackson doesn’t have much to say:

“I can’t say nothing,” Jackson said. “That’s your own opinion. I’m going to play ball. And I’m going to do what got me here to help me succeed [and] help my team keep winning. That’s all I can do. I can’t stop you guys from saying nothing.”

Through seven games this season, Jackson has thrown for 1,650 yards, 11 touchdowns and five interceptions while completing 63.3 percent of his passes and posting a passer rating of 94.1. He has also racked up 576 yards and three scores on the ground, averaging an NFL-best 6.9 yards per carry.

The Ravens are 5-2 on the year and will take on the New England Patriots on Sunday.