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Lamar Jackson reacts to Ravens’ historic 20-game preseason winning streak

Lamar Jackson Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens just pulled off the greatest winning streak in the NFL history – in preseason that is. With their dominant 37-3 win over the Washington Football Team, they’ve now won 20 straight games in preseason action.

The streak gives them five consecutive preseasons without a single blemish. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was hyped about the accomplishment. To him, winning is winning, even if the games don’t count yet.

Via Ravens reporter Clifton Brown:

“That’s lit,” Jackson said. “We want to win at the end of the day. I don’t care if it’s preseason. We compete against each other in practice. We want to win. It’s good to just keep winning.”

Their 20th win edges out the Green Bay Packers’ 19-game streak which spanned four seasons from 1959-1962, over half a century ago. Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn’t discount their streak, either. He harped on what it meant, especially to their fans and observers watching from home.

“I just think it’s really cool,” Harbaugh said. “A lot of guys watching on TV, with their kids, telling their kids about that accomplishment and the fact they were a part of that. That’s the most meaningful thing. There’s other aspects of it, but to me, that’s the thing that means the most.”

You love to see it if you’re a Ravens fan. But hopefully they’re able to parlay that momentum once the regular season starts and the games go on their official record.