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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson reacts to big game vs. Seahawks


The Baltimore Ravens entered Week 7 with a 4-2 record and with a chance to prove themselves as legitimate contenders. They did just that by defeating the 5-1 (now 5-2) Seattle Seahawks. And they did so pretty soundly.

Winning by a final score of 30-16, once again, it was Lamar Jackson who stole the show for them. The quarterback only threw for 143 yards and no touchdowns on 9-of-20 passing. However, he also had 116 yards and a touchdown on just 14 carries.

That massive running game from Jackson spearheaded the win in a big way. He had a go-ahead touchdown in the third quarter and some big runs to help seal it in the fourth.

After the game, Jackson gave a quick statement about his performance.

Well, that’s pretty to the point. Nothing else needed to be said. Jackson was tired of not scoring. Clearly, when he’s tired of not scoring, he’s going to do something about that.

For Week 7, that meant running up and down the field against the Seahawks.

Now 5-2, the Ravens have established themselves as serious players in the NFL. They are dominating the AFC North and have a pretty clear path to the playoffs. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that some consider them Super Bowl contenders at this point.

Meanwhile, Jackson has silenced nearly all of his doubters. He continuously does something to help put his team in winning scenarios each week.

What’s great about him is that he’s shown he can be a legitimate quarterback in the NFL. However, in games where the passing attack isn’t working (like in Week 7), Jackson can still contribute in a major way.

Not many quarterbacks can do that, and it makes Jackson pretty special.