Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters was slapped with a $15,000 fine for his actions in the game against the Tennessee Titans. According to Michael David Smith of NBC Sports, Peters led a celebration that involved stomping on the Titans' logo after intercepting a pass, leading not only to a 15-yard penalty but also this $15,000 fine.

When asked about how he felt about Peters leading the Ravens' defense, this is what head coach John Harbaugh had to say, via Smith:

“I love him. He’s genuine. He’s as authentic as it gets. And that’s what you appreciate about anybody, especially someone like Marcus,” Harbaugh said of Peters. “Just from a coach’s standpoint, I’m not a big fan of the penalties. We talk about that all the time. We never want to hurt our team and put them in a position, put them 15-yards back unnecessarily. So that’s the main thing that we talk about.”

Harbaugh emphasized that Peters brings an irreplaceable energy to the team, as he recorded four forced fumbles and four interceptions on the season for Baltimore. Though he is not for the celebrations that can hurt the team, he believes in what Peters can do. If the Ravens want to do well this postseason, as they already beat the Tennessee Titans, the defense has to step up, and that begins with Peters leading the team.

Lamar Jackson is ready to redeem himself, as they are looking to topple the Buffalo Bills today. With the defense and offense doing their jobs, without unnecessary celebrating, the Ravens have a good chance of making competing for the championship.