Ravens news: Marcus Peters was fined $14,037 for drinking beer with fans
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Ravens Marcus Peters fined $14,037 for drinking beer with fans

Marcus Peters, Ravens, Rams

As if stadium beer prices weren’t enough, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters will pay $14,037 for his afternoon beer at Orchard Park, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

In the waning moments of the Ravens’ win over the Bills in Buffalo last Sunday, Peters celebrated with a cold one. He jumped into a Ravens fan-filled section of the crowd to pound a brewski with the boys. The NFL didn’t take kindly to his ways, handing him the fine for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

Peters doesn’t seem to be too vexed by the league’s actions. After receiving the fine, he tweeted out a slew of beer mug emojis.

Then Bud Light got into the mix. They decided to match the tab by donating $14,037 to a charity.

That’s one way to get a beer endorsement.

Peters seems able to pay the bill. Perhaps he might have a celebration too. With his Ravens sitting at 12-2, he is in prime position to enjoy a first-round bye in the playoffs. Even better? Since Baltimore beat the New York Jets on “Thursday Night Football,” he can enjoy the weekend with a beer or two and even catch Sunday football.

A former Kansas City Chiefs first-round pick, Peters seems to be liking his time in Baltimore after the Los Angeles Rams traded him away in favor of Jalen Ramsey. Not only is his team winning, but he’s also playing outstanding football.

According to Pro Football Reference, Peters has allowed a 53.8 passer rating in coverage with the Ravens. He has three interceptions in eight games with them.