Baltimore Ravens tight end Nick Boyle has just inked a new deal with the team, and although he might not get a ton of attention from the average fan, one general manager thinks he is the best blocking tight end in the NFL.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN Boyle was expected to have at least ten teams going after him this offseason and one general manager that wanted to get his hands on him said he is the best blocking tight end in the NFL.

Boyle signed a three-year, $18 million deal to remain with the Ravens and that signing comes only a few days after the Ravens met with former New England Patriots tight end Dwyane Allen. It’s unclear if that meeting had any effect on the team deciding to go with Boyle but either way a deal got done.

$6 million is a good contract for a tight end and ranks 15th among the position group in the NFL. It’s clear with the team offering him that big of the contract the team expected that there was going to be a pretty big market for his services in free agency.

Signing Boyle was more of a priority for the Ravens for other teams, because of the type of offense they run with Lamar Jackson under center.

Last season, Jackson led a run-first offense which makes it even more important that the team has a good line, a tight end that is great at blocking really helps the total offense.