What if the NFL would hold a re-draft today?

What if the team that has been the worst in league’s history could draft one of the best players to build around? What if a team, that never had a dominant defensive player, suddenly has the chance to draft the best defensive end in the NFL?

The draft order here is based on the all-time winning percentage of each team. With that said, the 2020 NFL Re-draft is officially open.

No. 1 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Patrick Mahomes (QB)

No surprise here. Patrick Mahomes plays the most important position in the NFL and happens to be the best at it. He is relatively young and is the ideal player to build your franchise around.

No. 2 — Arizona Cardinals: Russell Wilson (QB)

Despite being a little bit older than other options at the position, Wilson is clearly the second best quarterback in the NFL. He turns 32, so you get at least 5-6 more years of elite quarterback play out of him, before he eventually loses some of his mobility.

No. 3 — Jacksonville Jaguars: Deshaun Watson (QB)

In comparison with other quarterbacks, Watson has proven himself for a longer period of time, demonstrating his abilities in the regular season and the playoffs. He is young, mobile, one of the most intelligent quarterbacks in the league.

No. 4 — Atlanta Falcons: Aaron Rodgers (QB)

Would you take a 36-year-old Aaron Rodgers over Lamar Jackson? If the premise is to have your franchise quarterback for the next ten years, the answer is obviously no. But you get at least three more elite years out of Rodgers.

No. 5 — Cincinnati Bengals: Lamar Jackson (QB)

Even though Jackson has not proven himself in the playoffs yet, his qualities justify him being taken at No. 5 here. His mobility, athleticism and instincts as a playmaker are elite and as he gets older, he is likely to get even more efficient.

No. 6 — New York Jets: Carson Wentz (QB)

In many ways, Wentz is comparable to Deshaun Watson. The only difference between the two? Wentz has a history of getting injured at inopportune time. Still, if you are the Jets and Wentz is available at No. 6, you gladly take him.

No. 7 — Houston Texans: Kyler Murray (QB)

Elite athleticism, great pocket awareness and remarkable passing accuracy. Murray has proven himself on the NFL level and is the ideal puzzle piece for the Texans to build the team around. The primary reason he falls to No. 7 is because he only has one year under his belt.

No. 8 — Detroit Lions: Aaron Donald (DL)

The first non-QB getting picked is arguably the best pure football player in the NFL. Donald is in discussion to be the best defensive player of all time and even though there are talented quarterbacks still on the board, the Lions take Aaron Donald here to have that dominant presence on the defensive line.

No. 9 — New Orleans Saints: Myles Garrett (EDGE)

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Back-to-back defensive players drafted. Garrett is one of the best pass rushers in the entire NFL, and he just turns 25 years old this year. Assuming the incident with Kyle Rudolph was an one-off, Garrett can be that elite player on defense for 10 years going forward.

No. 10 — Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen (QB)

The Bills get ‘their’ quarterback – again. With Donald and Garrett off the board, the Bills go back to the most important position in football, drafting a young, very talented quarterback with exceptional arm talent and a ton of upside.

No. 11 — Tennessee Titans: Joe Burrow (QB)

Burrow has not played a single snap in the NFL, so the Titans are rolling the dice here with the former LSU quarterback. However, Burrow is young and has the chance to be that elite franchise quarterback that the Titans have not had for a long time.

No. 12 — Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield (QB)

Another homecoming. Thus far, Baker Mayfield had one good and one bad season in the NFL, putting him in a pressure situation for 2020. Nevertheless, he has shown his qualities and if you are the Browns, there is no reason to give up on Mayfield — yet.

No. 13 — Carolina Panthers: Matthew Stafford (QB)

It was between Ryan and Stafford here. While Ryan has proven he can get his team to the Super Bowl, Stafford is three years younger and has the greater arm talent. Sure, he does not have the success that Ryan had so far, but he neither has the tendency of shrinking underneath the pressure.

No. 14 — Philadelphia Eagles: Matt Ryan (QB)

With Stafford gone, the Eagles are going with Matt Ryan here. As mentioned above, he has the weakness of producing in big moments. Still, he is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and has a couple of good years left in him.

No. 15 — Los Angeles Chargers: Nick Bosa (EDGE)

The Chargers pick Nick Bosa here, replacing his brother as the No. 1 pass rusher on the team. One of the best young defensive players in the NFL, playing the most important, most impactful position on defense.

No. 16 — Washington Redskins: Derwin James (S)

Derwin James is one of the ten best players in the NFL, based on talent. You can get a good quarterback in the second round, so why not take your center piece, your captain on defense here? James is elite and can flat-out dominate on the defensive side.

No. 17 — Los Angeles Rams: Dak Prescott (QB)

With Sean McVay calling plays, Dak Prescott seems like the perfect fit for the Rams. He is mobile, can extent plays with his feet and his really good with play-action. Yes, the pick is risky but there is no debate that Prescott is a starting caliber quarterback.

No. 18 — Seattle Seahawks: Jalen Ramsey (CB)

The Seahawks like themselves elite, yet polarizing cornerbacks, it seems. With the cornerback position becoming more and more important in the modern NFL, Ramsey is that shutdown corner that you can put on the opposing team’s No. 1 receiver.

No. 19 — Las Vegas Raiders: Jimmy Garoppolo (QB)

‘Jimmy G’ did not have his best game in the Super Bowl, that is fair to say, but throughout the season he had multiple games where he looked like the best quarterback in the league. He is a top-10 quarterback in the NFL and the Raiders should feel pretty confident making him their franchise quarterback.

No. 20 — Indianapolis Colts: Danielle Hunter (EDGE)

After Bosa and Garrett, Hunter is the next young rusher that can absolutely disrupt the opponent’s game plan. Considering he is still relatively young, the Colts take the arguably the best athlete left on the board here.

No. 21 — Pittsburgh Steelers: Joey Bosa (EDGE)

With all other young pass rushers gone, the Steelers take Joey Bosa here. A few years older than his brother but equally dominant on the defensive side of the ball. Bosa has proven himself on the NFL level and is one of the best edge players in the game.

No. 22 — Kansas City Chiefs: Sam Darnold (QB)

Darnold was not in an ideal situation in New York. With Andy Reid, Darnold can thrive and max out his potential to become that franchise quarterback. He has all the tools, is still very young and just needs to work on his pocket awareness a bit.

No. 23 — Denver Broncos: Khalil Mack (EDGE)

The best edge rusher in the entire NFL, who strictly falls to No. 23 because of his age. At 29, Mack does not give you any many elite years as Bosa, Garrett or Hunter. However, when he is on fire, the game just feels different.

No. 24 — New York Giants: Tyreek Hill (WR)

No wide receiver can have the impact that a great pass rusher, let alone a great quarterback can have on a game. With that being said, Tyreek Hill is a difference maker on the field. Great hands, great release, great route running, fast as a cheetah. He can get open at any time and take the ball to the house.

No. 25 — San Francisco 49ers: Jamal Adams (S)

Adams is only 24 years old, very capable in the run defense and pass coverage, and has the potential to be the best safety in the entire NFL. You can put him on tight ends, receivers and have him make the deciding tackle against running backs.

No. 26 — Minnesota Vikings: Odell Beckham Jr. (WR)

Similar to Tyreek Hill, Beckham comes with some character issues that need consideration. But based on talent alone, Beckham is a no-brainer for the Vikings. Before his injury problems, Odell was on pace to shatter multiple records set by all-time-great receivers.

No. 27 — Miami Dolphins: Kirk Cousins (QB)

If Cousins gets hit, there is a good chance that it results in a fumble. However, he also throws one of the best deep balls in the entire league and manages the game very well. He is a top-15 quarterback in the league, whether you ‘like that’ or not.

No. 28 — Baltimore Ravens: Chris Jones (DL)

At this point, the Ravens take a player that perfectly matches their defensive game plan. Jones is still relatively young, a dominant defensive linemen, that can pressure the quarterback and also stop the run.

No. 29 — Chicago Bears: Darius Leonard (LB)

What gives Leonard the edge over someone like Bobby Wagner is his youth. He turns 25 this year, led the NFL in tackles in 2018 and is a true anchor on defense at the linebacker position.

No. 30 — New England Patriots: Chase Young (EDGE)

Similar to Joe Burrow, there is no sample size of what Chase Young can do on the NFL level. Judging by his physical abilities and performance in college though, Young is destined to be one of the best pass rushers in the league.

No. 31 — Green Bay Packers: Jaire Alexander (CB)

The second cornerback taken in this NFL Draft is Jaire Alexander. He is significantly younger than Gilmore and getting that top-level coverage corner to match up with opposing receivers is a great starting block to build the rest of the defense.

No. 32 — Dallas Cowboys: George Kittle (TE)

At No. 32, the Cowboys take George Kittle, arguably the best tight end in the NFL right now. He is a mismatch for almost every defender in the league, while also having great run blocking abilities.