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The reason Marvin Bagley III is so much like Lonzo Ball

Basketball families have slowly started to take over the NBA. In the past decade, there have been several clusters of players to enter the league with family ties. Some notable names like the Currys, Holidays and Plumlees are some of the league’s most talented families. More recently, Big Baller Brand patriarch LaVar Ball thrust himself and his family into the basketball spotlight. The ambitious father of Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball has carved a path for his sons through both basketball and entertainment. The Balls even scored their own reality show, Ball in the Family. With two of his three sons in the NBA, LaVar has helped lay the foundation for more basketball families to come through the ranks in the modern NBA.

The next big basketball family to reach these same heights could be the Bagleys. Marvin Bagley III was the second overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, and his two younger brothers could soon follow in his footsteps.

The oldest of his younger siblings, Marcus Bagley, recently declared for the 2021 NBA Draft after a successful year of college ball at Arizona State. With two brothers in the league as soon as next season, Marvin Bagley Jr. could be on his way to being the next LaVar Ball.

The Bagleys are also competitive with the Ball family when it comes to drama off the court. LaVar was everywhere on TV and social media early in Lonzo Ball’s career, constantly getting involved in debates about his son’s talents and which team he wanted him to play for.

Bagley Jr. has proven to have a similar taste for outlandish claims, as his Twitter account has given many Kings fans moments of panic this season. His most notable post on the app caused a great stir within the Kings fandom with a worrying tweet:

Although the tweet was quickly deleted, the impact was lasting. Kings fans now keep their eyes peeled during games for any Coach Bagley bombs, even though the young big man isn’t even playing because of an injury. Bagley’s father did not get his wish either, as the young big man stayed put at the trade deadline despite rumors about a possible move.

Another parallel between the Balls and Bagleys is that one brother is not as close to the league as the other two. For LiAngelo, he joined the Detroit Pistons for training camp before being waived, and it doesn’t seem as if he’s going to get another chance anytime soon. In the case of Martray Bagley, he has yet to hit high school. It seems that the hope of both fathers is to see all three of their sons play in the NBA at the same time, in the same way that the Holiday brothers have.

Jrue, Aaron and Justin are all NBA vets after successful college careers. They took a much quieter route to the NBA than the aforementioned players, without the flash and drama that surrounds the others. This low-key approach has left the Holiday’s out of the mainstream media’s drama rumors.

It is clearly not the aim for either the Balls or Bagleys to fly under the radar, for both good and bad. We’ll surely be hearing plenty more from these families as time goes on.