Zack Snyder has never been one to hide his hopes and ambitions for his films, whether it was his original vision for the DC Extended Universe or plans for a larger franchise spinning out of Netflix's Army of the Dead. The director has those same ambitions when it comes to Rebel Moon and has teased plans for even more films to come in his space opera franchise.

Ahead of the release of Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver, Snyder continued to voice his hopes that a third film will be greenlit to RadioTimes, via Collider, and that he already has a story idea in place to continue the series.

“We absolutely have the story all set, we did all that work,” Snyder said. “We wrote a treatment for the movie so we'll see how we go ahead.”

He didn't stop there, though, as Snyder said he felt the series could see as many as six Rebel Moon films when all is said and done.

“I guess four makes sense,” Snyder continued. “Four or six movies, depending… I guess it's whether or not every time we make one of these movies we make two, that's the question.”

Zack Snyder, Rebel Moon, Netflix

Snyder added that he wasn't going to lock himself into a particular approach to producing future films, instead leaning on story ideas and fan response to help guide the franchise. He was still open to the idea of making more “two-part epics” in the vain of Rebel Moon's first two entries, but could just as easily see a third film being its own story.

“We were talking about it the other day and I was like, would an audience be disappointed if they only got one movie now from Rebel Moon? Would they be like, ‘Oh, it's one now? Great,” Snyder said.

“The Scargiver, herself.”

Rebel Moon kicked off with the release of Part 1: A Child of Fire in December 2023, with the space opera getting a limited theatrical run before premiering on Netflix.

The first film introduces audiences to the backwater moon of Veldt that comes under threat from the tyrannical Motherworld and its military arm, the Imperium, as it looks to extend its rule across the galaxy. It ultimately falls to resident and former Imperium soldier Kora, portrayed by Sofia Boutella, to venture across the stars in the hopes of finding other warriors to join her and put a stop to the Motherworld's efforts to take over Veldt.

While the first film received generally negative reviews from critics, it debuted on Netflix with roughly 23.9 million viewers over its first three days on the streaming service. It ended its first week on Netflix with 34 million viewers, cementing its number nine spot in Netflix' ten best original film releases for 2023.

Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver is scheduled to release on Netflix on April 19, 2024.